5 Factors That Influence Car Accident Settlement Amounts

The amount of compensation you obtain in a case varies substantially depending on the damages and your circumstances. As a general rule, the compensation you get should be equivalent to the total cost of the accident. The following factors will influence the amount of a typical vehicle accident settlement:

1. Your Monetary Losses

This is a wide phrase that refers to any financial damages resulting from the car accident. It might be money you lost because of damage to your car. In addition, it might also be the medical expenses you have to pay to repair injuries from the accident. Furthermore, it can include wages you are losing because you have to miss work because of the accident.

2. Your Injuries’ Seriousness

In general, if you walk away from a car accident with a few bruises or slight whiplash, your claim will be substantially less than if you are in the hospital for long periods with serious injuries. However, not all injuries are physical. Personal damages usually come in two categories in the legal world:

  • Bodily pain and suffering: This is the physical discomfort that an injury, such as back problems or a broken bone causes. It also covers any future discomfort you may experience as a result of the accident.
  • Mental suffering refers to any form of mental misery brought on by the accident. These damages are less obvious and therefore, more difficult to substantiate. Permanent deformity is an example of suffering and mental agony. Another scenario would be if the accident resulted in PTSD, preventing you from driving safely again.

3. State Regulations

Each state has its own set of automobile accident rules. Therefore, the average car accident compensation varies depending on where you live. However, even if there were only minor injuries or property damage as a result of an auto accident, in an at-fault jurisdiction, you can file a personal injury claim. As a result, at-fault states have more vehicle accident claims filed than no-fault states.

4. Liability

Expect fair compensation if it’s easy to prove you weren’t the cause of the car accident. However, if there is any doubt about who is at fault, the average automobile accident compensation sum may be lower. If there is no evident carelessness on the part of either driver, you may have to go to court to settle your vehicle accident claim.

5. Automobile Insurance Policies

Some auto insurance companies have policy limits that might affect the amount of money recoverable in a car accident. Even if one of the people in the collision is not at fault, they may face penalties if they do not have automobile insurance.


Trying to figure out how much money to seek for in a car accident settlement is as easy as adding together all of the sums from the relevant factors above. After adding all the criteria above, you’ll have a fairly accurate starting point for how much money you could collect from a car accident. However, a car wreck lawyer can be a great help in building your case.