5 Advantages of Selling Custom T-shirts to Raise Money for a Nonprofit

Looking for a fundraiser idea for your non-profit? Here are five reasons to consider selling custom t-shirts that represent your organization.

1- Raise Awareness for Your Cause

Custom t-shirts are beneficial in raising awareness as they are fun, visual ways to make a statement. It allows conversations to open up about what it is you are trying to accomplish and what your organization is all about. It can be used for special projects or activities with a specific end goal like buying new equipment for a sports team, buying new musical instruments for a music program, or going on a mission trip to help those less fortunate. It can also promote annual events like marathons, Christmas charity drives, or educational team trips.

2- Tap into Team Spirit

Team spirit is a major advantage to using custom t-shirts. They create a sense of belonging to a community. It represents being a part of something bigger than yourself. It unites the current members of an organization and brings in the support of other people who believe in the group or cause like alumni, community members, families, and sponsors. It’s another way to re-engage with your base of supporters and their network of potential supporters. If you want to buy t-shirts ahead of time, then you can work with sponsors trading or selling ad space on the t-shirts for funding. It’s a win for both parties.

3- Custom T-shirts are Easy and Quick to Do

T-shirts are an affordable way to raise money for your non-profit. You can often find discounts for bulk orders as well as for non-profit organizations. If you are struggling to find funds in the budget, sponsors are usually willing to help with the up-front costs if you include their name or logo as part of the design.

Design competitions are also a great way to get members involved and invested in your cause. Members can even vote on colors and the winning design. Sites like impressink.com will help ensure that the designs you create will look good on your shirts.

4- Increase Brand Recognition

Tell your story through your design. T-shirts are worn all year long, not just at an event. Take advantage of the opportunity to get the name and logo of your non-profit in front of more people. Let the design tell about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Conversations start all the time over interesting t-shirt designs or what is being promoted on a t-shirt. Now, others can help build up awareness for your non-profit.

5- It’s Advertising that Practically Pays for Itself

Not only do custom t-shirts make great fundraisers, but they also continue to bring in more people after the fundraiser is complete. The message of your non-profit will spread from word of mouth to everyone who sees it. If it’s an annual fundraiser then keep track of people who show interest for the next time. If you have extras leftover, they make give away prizes or you can sell them at different events throughout the year.

So when it’s time to brainstorm ideas for your non-profit organization’s next fundraiser, consider using custom t-shirts to both raise funds and raise awareness and support.