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4 Personalised Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

I love giving personalised gits because it makes it clear to the receiver that this wasn’t something you quickly grabbed at the store. You chose it for them and you made sure it had a little part of them on it before giving it to them. This is especially thoughtful if you use someone’s nickname or for a friend or family member who has an uncommon name and might not otherwise be able to have something personalised. If you’d like some personalised gift ideas, keep reading to learn more.

I love this as a gift idea because jewelry is so durable and you know it’s something they’re likely to wear. A great idea is a personalised necklace as you’ll be able to do something really special. You can choose to personalise it with gems, words, or even get a few pendants that have custom names on them. For the men in your life, you can personalise a signet ring or even a chunky metal bracelet. If you’re getting married you can also look to have your wedding bands engraved to make them match. You can have them engraved with your spouses name or your wedding date.

Drink Vessels
So there are a few different ways you can personalise drink vessels. You can get a hip flask and have it engraved with the receivers name. You can even go a step further and order a custom tumbler on Etsy to have the favorite colors, logos or whatever details of whoever you’re buying for. Another great way personalise a drink vessel is to get Mr and Mrs wine or champagne glasses for the married couple.

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe you have a hen’s party, a birthday party, or even just Christmas planning early? Why not create some custom t-shirts. You can literally do it for any occasion and it can be such a great way to build a sense of community/team. If you’re a parent, it feels very magical for kids to be wearing the same, matching tshirts as their parents and it can be so fun for matching photos while on holiday.

TechnologyMost Apple products you can buy such as phones, watches and even ipads can be personalised. It’s a great way to help keep your electronics safe as it’s obvious that it’s yours when it is personalised and stops people from getting items confused as their own. This is something you can do through the Apple Store directly and often has no additional charge associated with it, but you do have to order ahead of time. Other brands may offer this or you might have to take it to an engraver to have it done. It is a thoughtful way to add a little bit of personality to some technology!

In a world where everything feels a little ‘consumption’ based, having gifts that are personalised can go a long way in making things feel a bit more special. If you’re looking for some fun personalised gift ideas, I hope this list gets you started, happy shopping!