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4 Areas of Your Business You Should Consider Outsourcing

Running a business is a challenge as you will have to wear many hats over the course of time. During the infancy of a business you might have handled nearly everything as there was not other option. Outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers can be immensely helpful and can save budget. Freelancers have the advantage of being able to be used when needed which is not the case with full-time employees. Freelancers are better suited for a newer company as they will only be paid when working. Once work gets more consistent then these freelancers can be brought on full-time or you can start hiring in the local area. The following are 4 areas of your business that you should consider outsourcing.


Digital marketing is a part of life for a small business owner. A website is no longer optional if you want your business to have maximum online exposure. Enlisting the help of a few freelancers to handle social media, content, and link building will be far easier than hiring in-house. There are so many talented individuals that are working as a freelancer due to the vast number of roles available. Hire through a freelancer platform as this will provide protection that a freelancer will not take your money without doing the work. As your business grows, consider expanding the strategy to your leadership team. For example, an outsourced CMO can be a part-time addition who can come in and guide or realign your marketing strategy.

Disposal of Materials

A contractor is going to need to outsource quite a bit whether it is to specialists or for dumpster rental. Disposal of materials at the end of a job is paramount as nobody wants their property to be left with scrap metal or other garbage. There are businesses that might work with potentially harmful chemicals will need to hire a business that specializes in disposing of biohazardous waste. Take the time to consider the time spent on cleanup when compared to the cost of labor.


HR comes with an array of requirements in order to do business within the scope of the law. Outsourcing this can be wise as companies that handle this are experts at finding candidates that are great fits. Being able to pass the buck when it comes to issues with employees can preserve morale. Take HR-related issues very seriously as this could lead to a lawsuit if an employee feels harassed or they are being treated unfairly. Outsourcing HR requirements now will help prevent the need to hire an employment litigation attorney later on.


Accounting can be handled during the infancy of a business on QuickBooks by the owner. As a business grows it is going to become far more complex when it comes to accounting. The number of transactions and expenses increasing will complicate things. Hiring an accounting professional to help out for a few hours a week will be more affordable than hiring a full-time accountant. This might be something you can do in the future but might not be in the budget currently.

Outsourcing certain areas of your business can reduce your overall stress of running the business. Trusted partners can help increase revenue and improve productivity. Take the time to assess where you can start outsourcing today.