3 Benefits of Having an Air Quality Test Done in Your Home

Your local meteorologist might warn you on occasion about outdoor air quality. Pollution can be bad in some areas, ozone warnings might happen, or you just get warned to stay inside as much as possible due to the quality of the air quality outside your home.

What about the air quality inside your home? You might have heard that indoor air pollution can be several times worse than outdoor air pollution, but that’s not true in every home. With the right filtration and cleaning, your home air quality might be just fine.

An air quality test is how you know just where you stand, and there are three benefits of having an air quality test done in your home. An air quality test can provide you with several advantages at once, depending on how things are in your home.

1. Things Will Smell Better

Does the air in your home smell fresh? You might automatically assume so, but what if there’s something off and it happened so gradually that your nose just got used to it? An air quality test can identify specific odors that you might not be aware of but don’t want lingering. Once you know what they are and do something about them, you can enjoy a better-smelling home environment that has far fewer odors.

2. Saves You Money in the Long Run

Air quality testing can find unwanted odor sources, but it can also detect blockages or inefficiencies in your HVAC system. If your system is running harder than it has to, you’re wasting money on your monthly utility bill and the repairs and maintenance of the system. Fixing these issues will consequently save you money in the long run.

3. Makes the House a More Comfortable Space

Do you know what a comfortable humidity level should be in your home? Rather than guessing, air quality testing can tell you. When your home has an appropriate level of humidity, you’ll feel considerably more physically comfortable, as will other humans and pets living with you. In fact, everyone will probably not get sick as often as they used to.

How Indoor Air Quality Testing Works

Comprehensive air quality testing identifies and then analyzes the current presence of combustion, chemical, and biological pollutants in your air. Anything over the industry-accepted limits is something that you should rectify. Take note that commercial home testing kits aren’t as accurate or reliable as professional testing, although they can be a good starting point.

Once you know the status of the air quality in your home, you can certainly do something about it. Dusting and cleaning everything is a good start, but you also need to sweep and vacuum all your floors. Make sure your HVAC filter is still good. If not, swap it out. You might also want to have professional duct cleaning done for the spots you can’t reach yourself. UV-light air purifiers are also a good idea.