2022’s Best Values for Bedroom Furniture & Décor

The bedroom is boss

The bedroom may be the most private of all the rooms in a house. Many of us go there to find peace and comfort, to completely unwind and rest, and to get ready for the day ahead. After all, you should display your unique style in the bedroom. Even if you already have the ideal wall color and the softest bed linens, it’s crucial to consider whether your bedroom meets your lifestyle requirements. You might discover that it’s time for a small bedroom refresh after taking stock.

Bedroom design ideas for 2022 are shifting toward a more relaxed but opulent style. And the best value mattress will always be trending, with or without considering inflation. You should avoid over-the-top furniture and highly trendy patterns in favor of artisanal furnishings and organic linens. Online stores are offering huge fall discounts on many of these bedroom items. Just let your fingers do the walking (on your keyboard) to find the best deals for your budget.

Smart technology is still in high demand from designers. More seamless integration is being requested by clients, such as the ability for the television to emerge from a hidden location or for blinds to close with a simple voice command. 

People have been designing their bedrooms as restful retreats in recent years. But rather than emphasizing more furnishings, Bohlert Massey designer Susan Bohlert Smith observes a trend toward a more relaxed luxury style “with fewer decorations, but nicer materials.” 

Vintage brown furniture

More vintage brown furniture is used in bedrooms to give the space a more opulent atmosphere and a feeling of history. Additionally, there is a lot of demand for unique, handcrafted pieces like upholstered headboards that give a space a stylish, boutique vibe.

It’s time for the somber hue to take center stage, so move over to white and neutral bedrooms! More saturated and deeper color palettes have begun to appear in bedrooms to give these areas a sense of depth and emphasize their soothing aspects. 

A relaxing sanctuary is created by chocolate brown, calming blues, and even juicy cranberries. Natural materials and fibers assist in grounding and tempering the rich colors to prevent them from becoming depressing.

The fifth wall

Customers increasingly request designers to find ways to decorate their homes’ ceilings or fifth walls, including the bedroom. It’s more important to accentuate details, such as painting the beams a striking color or giving the room a coffered effect, rather than papering the ceiling in a busy pattern as some people may. The key is to offer an unexpected layer of intrigue without overcrowding the space. It’s good to remember that a ceiling design consultant can save you money and grief in the long if your DIY skills are minimal. Experts agree that the bedroom ceiling is one of the hardest areas to do right without professional help. And keep in mind that the fall and winter months are the busiest times for professional designers. So start early if you want to enjoy your long winter’s nap!