Why So Many People Are Working Out at Home

The global trend for physical fitness has been with us for a few years already; the many gyms and fitness centres springing up everywhere is a reflection of this, yet there is a growing number of people who do their fitness training at home. One of the main reasons for this is the current pandemic, which forced many gyms to close and that has led to people investing in equipment and creating a home gym and who could blame them with the risk of Covid infection?

Saves Time & Money

When you factor in the cost of the annual gym membership, it does make sense to work out at home and then there’s the time you lose when you drive to the gym, which really adds up over a few years. Of course, you don’t have to create a state-of-the-art home gym all at once, start with Johnson’s treadmill and gradually add equipment until you have everything you need.


The fact that you don’t have to go anywhere to work out is a major reason why many fitness fanatics switched to home workouts. If you have to allocate one hour a day to drive to and from the gym, that’s valuable time that could be spent on work or with your family and working out from home means you don’t have to compromise. You can use the spare room, as you don’t need much space to put your fitness equipment; a mirror on the wall is really all you need.

YouTube Fitness Videos

Aside from hosting information about everything, you can tune into thousands of fitness videos on YouTube and you can watch them as many times as you wish. Regardless of your fitness level, there are suitable workout routines that you can find online.

Virtual Personal Trainer

Another reason why people are working out is the availability of the online personal trainer. You can interact with the fitness professional via a Zoom call and schedule your sessions to suit you. Most gyms now offer this service, as this is the only way they can operate thanks to Covid-19. If you are at all concerned about Covid-19, click here for Thai government updates.

Yoga & Pilates

It is very easy to register with a virtual yoga or Pilates class, which they have for all levels from beginner to advanced. A Google search is all it takes to find such a course and if you are looking to acquire fitness equipment in Thailand, you can find a supplier’s website and order what you need.

If you make an inquiry with a leading fitness equipment supplier, they would likely have a free home gym design service that you can use to design your home gym. A treadmill, for example, is an ideal piece of equipment to ensure you retain a high level of fitness and the supplier would offer low-interest finance to spread the payment over a few months.

Reduce the risk of Covid infection by installing a gym at home and change your life for the better.