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Why is it Snowing so Much in Texas?

In the 2021 snow season across the U.S., it has been extremely severe. Texas was hard hit like the rest of the midwest and west. The severity of Texas is that most of the power grid went down across the state. Most of the population was not prepared for such an event.

We know why the power went out in Texas. It’s because the main power company didn’t have their structures insulated adequately against the cold weather. What did cause the extreme weather event? Some people across the nation refuse to acknowledge anything is wrong. Some do know why and they are speaking up.

Inescapable Reason

One man among many says he knows why Texas and other parts of the U.S. have had extreme weather recently and for the past ten years. Cory Harow says simply that it is climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are a major player in the hard-hitting weather we see today. Harow is a physician by trade and an activist in another sense of the word. He enjoys getting involved in educating the public on the importance of being environmentally conscious. 

Greed and the Oil Companies

People have been exposing big businesses such as oil companies. It’s not difficult to understand the fact that oil companies and others don’t want clean energy because then no one would buy their product. Of course, this is a simplistic view of what is going on. It involves paid off politicians who think the lesser of two evils is ok in the long run.

The Situation We’re In

Texas was hard hit in 2021 as most of the country was. Their situation was compounded by the fact that their energy system went down. According to the National Weather Service, the cold snap started in Canada and moved south into the U.S. The NWS reported that low-pressure systems that are up in Canada normally keep the severe cold from dropping down into the U.S.

Carbon emissions and other pollutants have caused this low-pressure area to move and due to this the cold fronts that normally stay in Canada now move south into America. NWS stated that this will happen again with more frequency. The once temperate United States might become somewhat like Siberia or some other such place. On the other hand in the west of the can become desert-like. This is the situation we’re in.

If all of this makes sense to you then you’re not alone. Cory Harow believes you can do your part by trying to use less fossil fuel. Drive your car less. Ride a bike. Walk if the distance to where you want to go is close. This will be good for your health also. Go green, it’s a good thing. If you don’t believe anything is wrong then look again. Something is happening out there.