What’s the Difference Between a Charbroiler and a Grill–and Which Does Your Restaurant Need?

Not every restaurant requires charbroiling, but there are certain circumstances where charbroiling is a must. This article will explain what charbroilers and grills are, the differences between the two and which one your restaurant needs.

As their name implies, charbroiling or char-grilling involves cooking food by direct heat in contact with metal charcoal, while grilling does not include this process. Charcoal burning grates can be used for both, making them very popular in most restaurants since they’re versatile. The difference between the two is that charboilering may be faster than cooking on a grill, but at the cost of flavor quality due to charring. Grilling is best suited for thinner cuts of meat that you want to cook evenly all the way through without burning the outside.

If you’re looking for charbroilers for your restaurant, you’ll want to make sure that you get the right kind. There are a few different types of charbroilers on the market, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The most common charbroiler is the direct-fired charbroiler. These charbroilers use gas or electricity to heat metal rods or tubes directly, which then heat the food. This type of charbroiler is best for high-volume restaurants because it cooks food quickly and evenly.

Indirect-fired charbroilers are another popular type of charbroiler. These charbroilers use a separate burner to heat a metal plate or box. While charbroilers with this type of heating mechanism cost more, they produce consistent results and are ideal for smaller restaurants that have lower food volume.

In addition to charbroiler types, your charboiler’s BTU is a critical factor when choosing a charbroiler. The higher the charboiler’s BTUs, the faster it will be able to heat up and cook your product. A charboiler with lower BTUs would take longer to reach cooking temperature, which increases your prep time. Higher BTU charbroilers also decrease cooking times because they provide better heat penetration rather than hotter surface temperatures. If you’re looking for a higher volume restaurant or one that requires shorter cooking times then go for a charbroiler with higher BTUs.

When it comes to choosing a grill for your restaurant, the options are endless. You can go with a gas or electric grill, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Gas grills are more popular because they heat up quickly and evenly, providing that perfect charbroiled flavor. Electric grills, while slower to heat up, are more affordable and environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t require any charbroiling then an electric grill is the way to go.

No matter what charbroiler or grill you choose for your restaurant, make sure that you get one that’s durable and easy to clean. The last thing you want is a charbroiler or grill that’s difficult to keep clean and causes your food to taste bad. With the right charbroiler or grill, your restaurant can cook up the perfect charbroiled meals that your customers will love.

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