What You Need To Look For In Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies have sprung up around the world with different specialties and proficiency levels. There are some agencies that deliver huge results to clients and should probably be charging far more to their clients. Others charge quite a bit telling their clients that certain metrics matter when sales/website traffic is really what matters. Establishing a favorable brand reputation is something that can be measured as there are so many analytics tools that marketing agencies can use. The following are things that you need to look for in a digital marketing agency.

Case Studies 

Case studies for similar clients are something that all business owners looking for help marketing need to ask for. Agencies that provide results will gladly show the results to potential clients. Sales materials should be filled with relevant information of what the agency helped other businesses achieve. A huge influx of sales a few months after working with a marketing agency with all of the leads being online is a perfect example. The implementation of marketing tactics works for most businesses and works incredibly well in niches where there is very little competition. 

Local Referrals 

Local businesses that you work with near the agency should have heard of them. There are a number of marketing agencies but in certain cities having a few large clients can mean a multimillion-dollar business. Asking others in networking groups who they trust with their marketing is also important. You want to view the search engine rankings of the business that referred them. Not ranking on the first few pages for a keyword that has very little competition after spending thousands is laughable. 

Connections With Publications

A marketing agency should understand what type of content is shared and helps drive traffic to a website. The SEO of the articles and content on the website needs to be quality. The right content can drive backlinks and make it easy to create backlink campaigns via outreach. The right backlinks can allow a website to rank quite high for a piece of content they have created. Ask to see content marketing projects that have been done by the agency in the past. Gauging the content quality is important as low-quality content simply doesn’t convert. 

A Staff That Has A Large Diversity of Skills

There could be copywriters that also have advertising experience. Other agencies could have a number of web designers and those that work in PPC. A diverse staff means that you can have a customized solution for digital marketing created by one company. Make sure that all areas are delivering well in terms of ROI. The ability to drive search engine rankings with content, web design, and social media is something that is invaluable in today’s digital world. Dealing with one point of contact is so much easier than picking a la carte option with multiple account managers to meet with weekly/monthly. 

Awards won by the staff for their campaigns or websites created is also important. Digital marketing agencies that win awards regularly drive results with hard work and a unique approach to content/advertising.