What is OLAP in AWS?

What is OLAP in AWS?

How many of you are aware of the term AWS? Amazon Web Services or cloud computing services are known as AWS. It is amongst the most widely accepted cloud platforms where you can store essential data related to your company without the fear of being stolen. Companies have primarily adopted cloud platforms worldwide to store, organize and gather information safely with high-level security and over 200+ features. 

If you plan to move your data for better analytics and data organization, you should know about the different online transactional processing and analytical processing that AWS uses. It is difficult to understand the difference between the two. But in this post, you will get a gist of how these two work. AWS OLAP is also known as Redshift, and AWS OLTP is called Aurora. Once you understand the difference, you’ll make a wise decision based on your specific needs. 

What is OLAP?

OLAP or Aurora is AWS’s online analytical processing for processing large databases to get quick and accurate answers. You will better understand when you know why it is used for business. 

  1. It helps businesses analyze the conversion rate on landing pages. 
  2. It helps in evaluating the value of customer’s e-commerce application
  3. And how much time does a user spend on playing mobile application games

The OLAP database is integrated with performing computerized calculations. The data is taken from different columns and rows, and the analysis is reported to the customer. To improve the interface, this online analytical processing is designed only to take data from the columns. The columnar format makes it easier to run quick calculations on large format data and prepare accurate reports.  

What is OLTP?

On the contrary to OLAP, online transactional processing is made for front-end database applications. Most people know it as a database; however, its primary process is finding specific information and conducting transactional demands such as Delete, Insert, and Update. The major operating tasks of OLTP include the following. 

  1. It is to find out specific information when data is inserted.  For example, if you insert a name and know the user’s contact information, you will get the data instantly. 
  2. When collecting data of mobile games, it allows you to know which user has reached what level in the game.
  3. For e-commerce, it instantly supports updating user data as their update on the application. 

OLTP looks after all the problems mentioned earlier, but it requires a stable system that allows quick adding and deduction. It is one of the fastest writing supporters. The job of OLTP is to make short reading and writing changes. Majorly it is used for reading and completing transactions without making mistakes. Examples of top OLTP are MySQL, IBM DB2, Amazon Aurora, Oracle RDBMS, and many others. 

Now that you have a general idea of how AWS OLAP  and AWS OLTP work, you can reach out to a consultant firm to know in-depth about these two. A professional consultant will analyze your business needs and help you understand which AWS service is best for you. 

AWS OLTP and OLAP will boost your saving and speed up data analysis. For you, it is a win-win situation, so without further thinking, get a quick review of your business and see how you can work out AWS to get excellent results.