Warehouse or Storage Unit?

Businesses of all sizes need some type of storage unit for their business materials and products. Whether a warehouse, a garage, a shed, or even an additional room in the house, businesses large and small can benefit from having space to keep things that they might use again later (a ‘warehouse’), or that are needed at various times during the year (a ‘storage unit’).

One is not better than another, but each one has its own pros and cons. Read on to learn what they are!

Before deciding if a warehouse or storage unit would work best for you, consider these pros and cons of each type.

Warehouse Pros:

-Space to store business supplies in bulk, such as boxes of paper and ink cartridges

-Space for inventory that isn’t needed at any given time during the year, but is needed (for example, an excess amount of party supplies after a business’s busiest season)

-Space to store furniture or equipment that will be used again by the company in the future, but not currently

Warehouse Cons:

-Requires a large amount of space, which might limit the amount of other things that could be done with it (using as an office, for example)

-Takes up space even when not used, as driveways and parking lots still need to be maintained

Storage Unit Pros:

-Space to store business supplies in smaller amounts so they are more accessible when needed

-Space for excess inventory to be used seasonally, as needed

-Space to store office furniture, equipment, and supplies that are not currently being used but will be in the future

Storage Unit Cons:

-Requires time to go back into the storage unit at different times of year or other intervals so that business materials can be accessed as needed

-Requires a large amount of work to maintain, as materials will need to be restocked as they are used up

It is important for businesses large and small to have some type of space that allows them to store business supplies in bulk or inventory that isn’t being used at this time. However, each storage option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Think about your company’s needs to decide if a warehouse or storage unit would be the best option for you!