Virtual Valentine’s Day

Cory Harow, a medical doctor, has several ideas for Valentine’s Day this year. Typically around this time, people are looking to make reservations to go out to eat. Restaurants are typically packed and it is often difficult on a regular Valentine’s night to get a nice reservation. This Valentines Day may look a little different. If you are living at home with your loved one, plan a night to cook a special meal together. You can take a virtual cooking class. Whether you are in one kitchen or separate kitchens you can choose the recipe, purchase the ingredients and hop on a Zoom call to cook your meal together. Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be about where you go but who and how you spend your time is most important. Valentine’s Day is a special day for loved ones to have the opportunity to express their affection for one another. 

This Valentine’s Day with a pandemic still on, it is important to continue to practice social distancing. This year Valentine’s day does not have to go unnoticed without proper precautions. Cory Harow encourages people this Valentine’s Day to have virtual dates. In a virtual world, this is now our new norm. What does this look like? Whether you are just connecting with someone special for the first time or are beginning to start a relationship virtual dating is the way to go. Set up your computers and set the mood. Think about the atmosphere you would like to create. Place your computer in the area of your home where you can set up candle lights and place flowers that you both can enjoy. Virtual dating will give the romantic couple more of an opportunity to speak freely and get to know one another. Think about conversation starters, what do you want to know more about. Remember to follow the rules of social engagement. Listen, ask questions, and get to know each other. Another idea to help with this new virtual dating on Valentine’s day is to play music in the background. What songs appeal to you and your significant other. Virtual dating might not be known to all but this season it will be the safest way to get to know your significant other. Harow, a medical physician, explains how keeping the safety of loved ones first is of the utmost priority this season. What better way to show how deeply you care for someone than by keeping them safe virtually. Not ready to spend a romantic evening alone, how about a couples virtual game night. There are plenty of apps such as “house party” that can gather couples together to have fun and play games. If all else fails, relax and chill with Netflix.

 On the night of love, there is plenty to do in order to show your love and affection for either someone you have been with for a long time or just getting to know each other. Romance can still be alive, keep it alive, set the mood, and romance your loved ones using a virtual platform of your choice.