Transform Your Business with Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Business owners look for many ways to improve their company, from focusing on marketing to outsourcing some of their services. If a company is based in the logistics or manufacturing industry, they’ve probably been affected by the introduction of automated systems. Some systems are designed to make packing, retrieving, and storing all kinds of goods much easier. Some are fully automated, while others are semi-automated. So, what are the advantages of installing an automated system?

Better Storage Capacity

Traditional shelving require a lot of space, it often takes up too much aisle space and leaves little for anything else in the warehouse. The most obvious benefits of installing an automated or semi-automated system is the considerable amount of space it creates. At, you’ll find state of the art automated systems that are designed to make your business more efficient and more productive.

These dynamic systems are great for organising inventory and they provide maximum storage space. Automated warehouse systems make picking and replenishment quicker and more efficient.

Labour Savings

Another noticeable difference you see when you introduce automated systems is your dependency on workers. Automated storage and retrieval systems allow you to cut costs by making use of smart tech. These systems deliver products straight to the operator instead of the operator having to locate them and then send them to the right place.

Workers no longer have to waste time walking from A to B when the retrieval system sends the item to them. During manual operations, workers spend over 50% of their time walking to collect and retrieve goods, this time is massively reduced when you introduce an automated system.

Eliminate Human Errors While Picking

Humans make mistakes and even the best workers don’t get things right all the time. When it comes to error percentages, automated systems win every time as they reduce human error. If your business depends on a lot of manual processes, you are at greater risk of making mistakes. Storage and retrieval systems can be integrated into a wide range of other technologies. They can communicate pick information to the operator to ensure pick accuracy. When these systems are used together, they can effectively perform all kinds of tasks, such as:

  • Displaying descriptions of parts
  • Locating the precise area
  • Direct picking

These picking aids massively reduce errors and greatly improve picking efficiency.

Better Inventory Management

Keeping tabs on inventory can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right systems in place. Most automated storage and retrieval systems work with a fully enclosed unit. This ensures everything is safe, secure, and easy to monitor. A business can configure the system to only allow authorised personnel access it, enhancing accountability levels.

So, there you have it, automated storage and retrieval systems can completely change the way you do business. They dramatically reduce human error; they effectively speed up picking rates and they create space in the warehouse. They allow businesses to monitor inventory and their design allows for better ergonomics.