Tips for Writing Books

When it comes to writing a book the process may not be as easy as it sounds. Father Rutler knows all about this process. He is the author of over 30 books and has gone through the writing process many times. Rutler knows the challenges that a person can face when they are looking to write a book. These are some tips to help a person write their first book and not become overwhelmed by the process.

Write a Little Often

A person should write a little bit each day. Even if what they are writing is another part of the book at least they are getting some ideas down. They need to get into the habit of daily writing. This will help keep the book moving along and will help make sure that a person can complete their work.

Time and Space

A person should have a place in their home they go to for their daily writing. Father Rutler encourages that they should also go to write around the same time each day. This will help develop a good habit and encourage them to get their work done. If a person has an idea and wants to write more at a later time that is great but they need to focus on getting into the habit of writing.

Get the Tools

There are some things that a person will need for writing. They are going to need a computer with a word processing program that has plenty of space. They should have cloud storage or something else where they can back up their work. Some people like the old fashioned pen and paper for their first draft. All of these items should be easy to find. Even if a person’s hand writes their draft they are going to need to type it up when they are done. They will need Microsoft Word or a program that will change their text into words. Publishing companies use word documents so it is important to have written in that format.

Idea Map

There are many different formats that can be used for a writer to map out their ideas. A person can have a large sheet of paper where they can write the ideas. They can use sticky notes of other items that will allow them to arrange these ideas. When a person gets an idea for the book they need something where they can write it down.

Smaller Chunks

Wiring an entire book at a time can be a lot of work. If a person writes in smaller units they are more likely to keep on going. They can write a chapter at a time.

These are some tips and ideas that a person can use as motivation to help them publish a book. When writing a book, especially their first book they are going to need some help staying on track and on topic. These tips will help make it easier to get the book complete and shop it around with a publisher.