The Stress-Free Way to Office Relocation

If you thought moving house was stressful, it is nothing when compared to moving a business and whether a small, local business or a corporation, the secret to successful office relocation lies in the planning. The obvious goal is to relocate the business without interrupting the daily activities, enabling it to continue from its new location without having to shut down any department and this is best achieved by hiring an experienced commercial relocation specialist.

Planning the Move

There are many Sydney removalists and a Google search will help you locate them, while you can browse websites, looking for an ideal contractor that covers your region. Once you have decided on a single company, they would have online quote facilities, although it is somewhat difficult to quote an office relocation without knowing exactly what is involved. The removalist would prefer to send a technician to your office where he can gather the information they need to offer an all-inclusive quote, which is normal procedure in the industry.

Project Manager

A commercial removalist would assign you a project manager, whose job it is to create an inventory and liaise with the team to ensure a smooth transition from old to new venue. Office equipment that is rarely used would be packed first and any priorities would be noted, while every effort is made not to impact the daily business activities. The removalist would have secure storage facilities, should they be required, while in most cases, 20ft and 40ft containers are used, as they are easy to transport by road, rail, sea or air. When using business logistics services, it always pays to use established providers.

IT Support

Of course, you will need to prepare the new office space in order to have your network created as soon as the hardware arrives and the removalist would employ IT specialists who oversee the relocation and get your network up and running. Employees cannot do their job until their workstations are connected and the network installed and their IT experts would handle this.

Preparing the New Office

This is critical for a smooth transition and the removal team pack things that are labelled, making sure the unloading is straightforward. All utilities must be connected prior to the move, plus your new Internet connection should be activated, ready to hook up the servers and workstations. Telecommunications can be connected ready for your occupation and your office staff can continue their work unaffected by the move.

Fully Insured

It is critical that the removalist has more than adequate insurance when relocating your office equipment and every reputable contractor can furnish with documentation to verify that they are fully insured for every eventuality. Click here for more information on business insurance.

Look for Industry Awards and Federations, as both of these signify that the company is recognised within the industry and with a few years of hands-on experience, you can rest assured that the operation will be uneventful.

By using an established office removal contractor, the hard work is done by the professionals and you can focus on what you do best; running your business.