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The Power of Advertising

The Power of Advertising

Advertising is an art that has been around since humans began trading goods and services with each other. During the early modern era, people would hang notice boards outside their homes to advertise what they were offering. Farmers would set up their wares in strategic areas and musicians/actors would put on mini performances on the streets to get passersby to visit the theatres. Advertising did not become popular until the Industrial Revolution, which happened between 1760 and 1840. The emergence of more businesses and increased manufacturing of goods created the need for extensive advertising. Newspapers and magazines would run print advertisements for tobacco, health care, machinery, hygiene products, food, etc.

Advertising is not just about producing eye-catching content; it is about effectively communicating and bringing awareness to a business’s brand, goods, or services. It allows businesses to gain more attention, differentiate themselves from other brands, and persuade both new and old customers to spend more money.

Types of Advertising

Advertisements have grown significantly since the invention of the internet. Businesses are always on the hunt for different ways to grow their customer base and increase their profit. Jonathan Osler has spent many years as an

educator, fundraising and communications strategist, writer, and parent organizer. He has contributed to the development of lesson plans and curriculum and helped many organizations to plan and execute strategic transformation activities. Many of these activities include developing and implementing marketing and advertising plans. There are many ways a business can advertise their product or service and mainly depends on their budget and target. Advertisements can be on digital ad platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Some businesses may opt for a more traditional approach and choose to advertise on radio and television stations or newspapers.

Here are just four types of advertising that a business can use to promote a good or service:

1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Businesses pay every time an individual clicks on their advertisement. We normally find these ads on search engines, such as Google and Bing.

2. Social Media Ads

This option is more affordable and popular among small businesses. It allows for businesses to be selective to who they wish to target and be on over one social media platform.

3. Print Ads

This type of advertising was more popular before the dawn of social media. Many businesses that cater to older, less technologically engaged customers would print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, flyers, and pamphlets.

4. Outdoor Ads

Outdoor advertising caters to people who may be outside of their homes and strategically placed in areas that experience a lot of traffic. Outdoor ads can be billboards, digital signage or posters on the side of public transportation, sports venues, and rest stops.

Benefits of Advertising

Jonathan Osler believes people and organizations that invest their time, money and resources can help to build power within communities, especially those of color. Advertisements not only benefit a business but the standard of living for entire communities. It has a positive impact on the way of life of people by providing employment and increased income.

The other major benefits of advertising are:

1. Educates consumers about new and old products and services.

2. Expands the market and allows for competition,

3. Attract current and new customers.

4. Increases sales.

5. Eliminates the middle-man (direct link to manufacturers).

6. Higher quality of goods and services.

Advertising has many benefits, but the main takeaway is that it plays an integral part in the economic development of a country.