Technology YouTuber Andy Tran Gives Molekule Review in New Video

Trusted technology YouTuber Andy Tran has released a Molekule review video in which he unboxes and discusses the benefits of the Molekule Air Mini. Tran is a barber, tech YouTuber, photographer, and videographer with more than 66,000 YouTube subscribers. While his videos focus mostly on barbershop tutorials, his love of technology means that he also reviews the latest in innovative technology. Tran reviews one of the latest products from groundbreaking air purifier company Molekule. Find out why Tran thinks the Air Mini is a necessary clean air tech purchase.

According to Tran, the Molekule Air Mini has several qualities that make it a worthy addition to your home or small office space. The Air Mini made a strong first impression as the unboxing began. Straight away, Tran calls attention to Molekule’s mission to bring clean air to all, which is printed on the box lid. 

Aesthetics and Design

The Air Mini weighs just over seven pounds and has a modern and sleek design. Tran notes how small and light the air purifier is, pointing out that while it’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel like a cheap product. Tran believes that the Air Mini’s design is a selling point. He states that the air purifier looks like room decor and shows how its design also incorporates functionality. Tran points out the purifier’s cord management as an example of this, showing how the cord easily wraps into the device, allowing you to pull only as much of it as you need. When transporting the Air Mini, Tran shows how the felt handle makes moving it from room to room easy and stylish.

Ease of Use

Tran then walks us through how easy the Air Mini is to set up. Assembling the device in just a few steps, he demonstrates how quickly you can start using the purifier. Simply unwrap and attach the filter to the base of the unit, and then twist and lock the top into place with a click. Plug in the purifier, and you are ready to start filtering your air. Tran explains that there are five fan speeds and tries out each one. The Air Mini also uses indicator lights to let you know when it’s time for a new filter. Tran recommends that you purchase the replacement filter when the light is orange because an orange light means that the air filter will need replacing soon. A red light indicates that the filter needs to be changed. Tran also mentions that the Air Mini is energy efficient, so you can keep the fresh air flowing 24/7. 

PECO Technology

“Let’s talk about this and why you should definitely get one,” says Tran, before jumping into an explanation of Molekule’s revolutionary PECO technology. This patented technology destroys the widest range of pollutants – including VOCs, mold, viruses, and more – at the molecular level. PECO is unlike any air purifying technology seen before because it destroys pollutants rather than simply collecting them. 

According to Tran, the device’s PECO technology is ultimately what makes the Air Mini worthy of his endorsement. Large particles are first captured by the filter, and then, the microscopic pollutants are destroyed inside the device. “It’s a game-changer,” says Tran, noting that he’s felt a difference in his room’s air quality while using the Air Mini. The Air Mini is best suited for rooms of up to 250 square feet, such as bedrooms. “Since we’re all stuck at home because of the quarantine anyways,” says Tran, “we should all enjoy pure air.”

About Molekule

Molekule is a cutting-edge air purifier company that pioneered photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology. Molekule’s mission is to reduce indoor air pollution and bring cleaner air to everyone. PECO technology was developed by research scientists over two decades, and it has disrupted the air purifying space ever since. Molekule conducts thorough testing of all of its technology, which has been verified by several third-party labs. Molekule offers the Air Mini, the Air Mini+, and the Air. The Air is designed for rooms up to 600 square feet, while the Air Mini and Air Mini+ models are best for rooms up to 250 square feet. To learn more about which Molekule air purifier is right for you, visit