supply chain diversity

Diversity in the Supply Chain

The pandemic changed the way many people do business.  An early example of this was the way that the global supply chain was virtually ground to a halt as COVID began to traverse the world.  Later, we also saw a number of racial movements such as the George Floyd protests in America.  It was clear that now was a moment in time to fight for racial equality.  But easier said than done.  What are practical steps that a business can take to make a more equitable and diverse workforce? Diversity in the supply chain.

Practical actual commitment is what’s needed. And, it’s also good for business.  Diversity often leads to more product innovation, new patent filings, and citations on patents. 1 in 3 companies are unprepared to move beyond diversity compliance and embrace diversity as a business strategy. There is hope – organizations such as the Diversity Consortium are here to show you the way forward on the corporate services end,  XBE supply base, and even on community impact.

It’s time to look beyond the photo opp moments and make an actual difference.  And there’s no better place to do so in the diversity for the supply chain.  Learn more about how you can do your part to add to the cause in the visual deep dive below.

Why You Need Supply Chain Diversity