Supermicro – The Global Technology Company for IT Solutions

Supermicro is a technology company providing modern and highly innovative solutions. Their scope of work underscores the essence of mitigating the impacts of climate change. Supermicro has integrated environmentally and energy-saving mechanisms in its products to make them more friendly and safe. In addition, this Company is among the Fortune 1000 companies and is evidence of trust, professionalism, and quality within its line of work.

Supermicro’s headquarters are in Silicon Valley, USA, but its operations stretch to more than 100 countries. Since 1993, they have been able to ship more than 1.2m nodes of servers and storage. As a result, it boasts a top global vendor of data storage, server, and solutions in networking.

What Are the Available Products?

Supermicro deals with workstation and gaming services, building blocks, servers, storage, and networking products. These services aim to manage your data, reduce storage costs and ease serviceability. This makes them the best leader when transiting your enterprise from the inefficiencies of the traditional systems.

Rackmount Servers

In their custody are arrays of servers designed to meet your needs. For instance, there is the Hyper server whose performance is incredible and highly configurable. It is suitable for data centers, enterprises, and the 5G network edges. In addition, there are Single, Multi, and Dual Processors. These servers can handle your small to midsize workloads. they equally provide cost-effective GPU systems, especially for deep AI learning. As such, they are the home of the latest technology that you need.


There are several products within this category. First, there are switches such as SSE-F3548S and SSE-X3348S with varying switching capacities. These switches equally have the 1U-form to make the installation flexible. Secondly, there are the Supermicro certified cables in different gauges. They are made of copper and come in different sizes from 1m and above.

In addition, they are perfect for Ethernet, Infiniband, and Optical Fiber applications. All are procured directly from the copper cable assembly, and therefore the quality is top-notch. Last but not least, Supermicro has hard drives of different capacities like 18T, 300GB, 600GB, and many more. You need to specify your storage workload, and they shall deliver to your expectations.

Building Blocks

Within their supplies are also building blocks like motherboards, chassis, SupeRack, and other accessories. The workstation boards perform exceedingly well and are compatible with the latest CPU, memory, and add-on hardware. 

Their design is also consistent and high quality, having gone through expertise that is of high productivity. Moreover, they also have an adaptable and reliable Chassis solution with good performance and less power consumption in their custody.

Supermicro Rack Integration Services is your one-stop-shop for data center needs. The services will help save power using the factory-tuned power density and minimize costs associated with Deploying CLOUD cluster. 

We also have accessories for applications optimized solutions tested to give customers peace of mind and confidence. In addition, they are cost-effective and dependable.

Gaming and Workstations

 Their Server grade workstation is conducive for high workload performance. Efficiency is all engineers in the manufacturing sector, media and entertainment, and designers need for increased productivity. Some of their notable features include hot-swap storage bays and IPMI. According to your demands, you can choose between a Single and a Dual processor.

The Supemicro gaming solution is of high performance, offering versatility and durability. It is server DNA infused and Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 enhanced. Hence, the experience from this product is fascinating and experience out of this world.

IoT and Embedded

Supermicro supply chain has embedded motherboards that are of high performance. The boards are practical and are of lower power processing, enabling meeting the needs of embedded applications. Moreover, the embedded servers are space-saving and excellent when it comes to execution.