Solar Energy and Self-Storage

Summers are getting hotter, and winters are getting colder. Even NASA notes that the evidence for rapid climate change has become undeniable. For companies that offer storage pod rental, this might not be such a significant concern. However, if there was a way to contribute to saving the environment and get a sweet deal out of an environmentally sensitive electricity system, that’s a different matter entirely. Solar energy has become a significant technological advancement that seeks to help humans solve climate change. For a storage facility, maybe implementing solar energy is precisely what you need to control your costs.

Why Solar?

When solar energy first became an “up and coming” technology in the 70s and 80s, the cost to implement such a system was absurd. No business would bother to put up inefficient solar cells and then spend time and money putting in wiring that tended to collapse or short. From then to now, solar energy has advanced by leaps and bounds. Battery and capacitor technology have made it so that a solar system can store enough energy to keep you operating throughout the day and night. With electricity being one of a storage facility’s most significant expenses, it’d be remiss to overlook a technology that offers you the chance to power your entire facility for next to nothing.

Good Placement Locations

When you look at a self-storage facility from a drone, the first thing you realize is how many miles and miles of unbroken rooftops are in a single facility. Solar energy depends on area coverage, and the more solar cells you can bring to bear, the better your collection system will be. By combining those roofs with efficient solar cell technology, storage facilities can kill two birds with one stone. The cells can help keep the buildings cool while collecting insolation to help power the rest of the organization. It’s not just limited to warehouses either. If you have covered parking, the same thing will apply. It’s just about thinking creatively to use what you have.

The Best Time to Get In

Solar panels are at an all-time low, meaning that now is the best time to do so if you want to get in on the solar energy train. The return on investment from outfitting your facility for solar power could be immense. You also get federal tax credits, allowing you to get anywhere from 25% to 30% deductions on your tax returns. In some states, you can even sell the excess energy you make back to the power company. Not only will it make your ROI time even shorter, but it’ll also set up your facility to have a secondary source of income that can be used to upgrade the facility further.

Looking At the Future

Energy costs are likely to keep going up, and since solar panels are the most affordable they’ve been in years, now is the perfect time to start setting up. You don’t need to take yourself off the grid either. You can remain connected and switch between your own system and grid as you see fit. You will need to consult a professional electrician for the installation since this is not a DIY job. However, all the costs you’re likely to incur from implementing solar, you more than make up for it in reduced operating costs since you’re not making your own power.