future of remote work

Building the Technology to Support Remote Work

Remote work, once more fashionably called telecommuting,  is not a brand new invention that just started during the pandemic. Truth be told, the technologies have been around for people to work remotely dating back 20+ years. So why has it become such a point of contention between employers and employees? Just having the available technologies isn’t enough – it’s got to have the blessing and adoption of management to fully find its way into the mainstream workplace. 

The question is: is all management ready to give up control and micromanagement? Not everyone has been so flexible to adapt, which may be a mistake considering how many people are choosing to quit versus coming back into the office. The media has been referring to this trend as “the great resignation,” and there’s no reason that you have to let your best employees go. 

It’s time to embrace the flexible distributed work revolution. Once you empower your employees, amazing things can happen. One thing to note is that cybersecurity is going to be all the more important to be vigilant about as you now have all of these remote workers to manage. Regular passwords and VPNs aren’t going to cut it.

Check out the following infographic resources for the technologies behind remote work – on passwordless security and building the network of the future in the infographics below:

Securing Remote Work

The Future of Networking