stopping ransomware

Protect Against Ransomware Attacks with Proactive Security Measures

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, so many employees are now working from home. Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing to unprecedented levels and companies are taking massive hits, with more than enough potential to cause them to go belly up. 

The frightening statistics show that ransomware attacks rose by at least 7x in 2020 alone. It’s expected that 75% of all organizations will fall victim to at least one attack within the next four years. Ultimately, the question is not whether organizations will face a ransomware attack, but rather when. 

Unfortunately, the cost of a ransomware attack goes far beyond the ransom itself. In fact, the total cost of ransomware attacks has reached $20 billion. The cost to individual organizations can easily be 23x greater than the actual ransom. Sadly, 98% of ransomware claims are by SMB’s, which are even more susceptible to business failures. 

In order for organizations to combat attacks, they absolutely must be proactive in protecting against them. The best ways to avoid attacks are to keep software up to date, and to train employees to become better aware when they are faced with a potential security threat. Keep critical data backed up regularly, and utilize malware detection for early signs of an attack.

Learn more about how to stop ransomware attacks in the infographic below:

Stopping Ransomware Before It Starts