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Premium Domain Names Accelerate Your Business

The pandemic has changed the way many people work – possibly for good. Many are quitting their jobs, moving to new cities, and looking for online opportunities. What’s one of the best ways that you can get your online presence up and running really effectively? By purchasing an established, premium domain name.

Like you, many people start their search for a product or service by Googling. Of course, you’ll want to focus on digital marketing and SEO, but by getting a domain name that already contains branded keywords, you’ll have a head start apart from the competition. Be sure to protect your domain name once you’ve purchased a domain and be sure to lock and renew the domain before it expires so that others don’t try to purchase your domain.

Domain names are big business. Elon Musk purchased for $11 million, and back in 2019, sold for a whopping $30 million in cash. Getting a vanity phone number with a memorable phrase in it has also proven to be very effective in the recall of the minds of your potential customers.

Learn more about the power of a premium domain name in the visual deep dive below.

The Power of a Premium Domain Name