COVID, Health, and Pneumatic Tubes

Healthcare is something that every person will have to interact with in their life, for most this begins at the very start of their life. Knowing this, it’s somewhat surprising how overstressed the healthcare system and healthcare providers are in the modern day. This issue was bad enough before COVID, and was then only made worse.

COVID created a greater demand for drugs, testing, and general care. This has led to nationwide shortages of supplies, both drugs and lab supplies alike. On top of this 16% of pharmaceutical inventory is already wasted, and this is where pneumatic tubes come in.

Speed is a pivotal and essential aspect of hospital care. Many lab specimens are rejected, tests ruined, and patients left untreated because of the slow transfer process that most hospitals must go through. On top of this, error is pretty common, supplies moving through multiple peoples hands only increases the chances something goes wrong.

Pneumatic tubes effectively solve all these problems. It’s extremely quick, less prone to human error, and can be continually improved upon as it’s used. Pneumatic systems were created long ago, but nowadays they have active tracking, better air control, and faster routes.

This ultimately works to free up time and reduce waste. While the major problems affecting hospitals today may lie in shortages of staff and materials. It’s vital that the staff and materials that are there are not overstressed and wasted. And pneumatic tubes are one of the most effective modern solutions to achieve this.

Medical Facilities Need Operational Technology More Than Ever
Source: Swisslog Healthcare