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Places to Visit in South America

Places to Visit in South America

South America offers an extraordinary menu of choices to visit, each will amaze destination explorers. Being this beautiful continent is so large, the possibilities are endless. From archaeological sites to backpacking experiences, extraordinary historical sites, nightlife, and daytime adventures, it is all a sight to see. With stunning scenery, beaches, and far, far, more, South America is one of the most popular landing places for families, and those that desire to experience true amazement.

Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of many destinations Diego Ruiz Duran is excited to get started on planning for a visit. Buenos Aires presents Cafe’ Tortonis, the oldest bar in the city, along with the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. Considered to be one of the most family-friendly cities, there are a plethora of attractions to visit that all will enjoy. Featuring several cafes to just sit and relax, along with Palermo Soho, a neighborhood that includes mini barrios each with its own unique personality, it is an attraction for what people desire. Trendy, shopping, art, backpacking, eateries, and more, this is the place to be.

Of course, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would have an itinerary in the works. With the charm of the exquisite white sands and glowing sun, Prainha Beach, and the Christ the Redeemer statue, these are amongst the many exciting attractions that are magnets for visitors. The electrifying carnival that is held every year, exhilarates with its samba dancers, music, and energy. Faces from around the world make it a point to add the Rio Carnival to their list of destinations.

Surrounded by mountains, Salar de Uyuni is part of the Altiplano in Bolivia. A uniquely high plateau that includes fresh and saltwater lakes, the largest salt flat in the world spanning 4086 square miles, its beauty is nothing less than surreal. Just another majestic attraction of the infinite destination spots of South America, waiting for spectators, and in the planning for Diego Ruiz Duran. With so much excitement, beauty, enriching qualities, South America seems to be endless with its breathtaking array of scenery and attractions. Cusco, Peru is yet another exceedingly popular base that includes a multitude of history and cultures. Along with many festivals held here, handcrafted work, Peru lends itself to the La Cathedral, which is one the finest architectural displays, with stones used from an ornate cathedral to intensify its beauty. Home to a world-renown painting that depicts an earthquake from 1650, a crucifix can be seen that is said to represent the reason the whole city was not destroyed during the volatile shaking.

South America is also home to Ipaiales, Colombia, a place for wine lovers and many cultural myths, leaving the mysteries to amaze the mind. Santiago, Chile, is best known for outdoor adventure, old and new world architecture. Mendoza, Argentina is also known for a plethora of outdoor adventures along with vineyards that travel for miles.

Describing just a few of South America’s vast, majestic, beautiful bases, this continent is one of the most inviting of destinations.