phishing attacks

Phishing Attacks: Is Your Inbox Secure?

It is estimated that a whopping 85% of all emails are spam. Of course this number is huge and irritating, but while some emails are just annoying spam, at least 3 billion per day are phishing attacks and emails which are intended to gather personal information. 

Phishing emails are one of the first lines of attack that can actually do a lot of damage to businesses. The cost to businesses comes in the form of time, money, customer retention, and productivity. 

This is just one reason why it’s obviously important to keep personal information secure. This can be done by establishing employee training programs that will help cut down on the 85% of scams that involve human error. It’s also important to verify all invoices and payments since 54% of attacks involve credential harvesting. Businesses should also keep an eye out for discrepancies, and invest in email security programs which can prevent 50% of attacks. 

Inboxes are bombarded with phishing attacks every day. Every business needs to have a security system that’s ready to defend.

How Safe Are Your Emails? [infographic]
Courtesy of Avanan