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Pets are in the Metaverse

In the ever expanding and evolving world of social media platforms, the newest buzzword in the arena is metaverse

The metaverse includes a wide array of interactive technologies such as VR, holograms, NFTs, video games, avatars and more. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse will allow us to do “…almost anything you can imagine.” Already in 2020, the market value for the metaverse reached well over $45 billion. 

Along with all the other “imaginable” things users will be able to do in the metaverse is pet ownership. Currently there are four platforms for this virtual pet ownership, but there are sure to be more to come. 

The MetaPets platform allows users to design a digital pet which they can train and dress, include in a dog show, and even use to generate revenue, among other things. The MetaGochi platform is supposedly the biggest virtual metaverse pet platform, and is a kind of hybrid combining Tamagochi with the name Metaverse. 

The Axie Infinity metaverse pet platform uses NFTs and allows users to breed virtual pets to progress to new levels. This platform already collected $30 million in fees as of July of last year. 

Finally, CryptoKitties, which already has more than 126k holders and over 2 million CryptoKitties, allows users to buy, collect, and breed virtual cats. This platform also includes games and limited edition Fancy Cats.

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic