Goodbye Soda – Hello Mocktail!

What are you drinking today? Not long ago, the answer to that would have been very likely to be something sweet and sugary like a soda or a sweet tea, but today that is becoming less and less common. In fact, the consumption of sugary sodas has been on a steady decline for the past decade. A shift to a more health conscious culture and the availability of organic products has brought whole new categories to the beverage industry, including the mocktail. 

There are five main newer beverage categories, which are functional waters, organic beverages, a variety of coffee formats, teas, and innovative alcohol flavors, which includes the new mocktail as a non-alcoholic option. 

Each of these new beverage categories is serving the modern culture with additives like fruits, minerals, and vitamins. Many of them are also made from sustainable, organic products, and they’re appealing to the desire for less sugar, but more flavor varieties. 

These categories are rivaling traditional beverages at an increasing rate. By 2025, functional water sales is expected to reach $18.24 billion. The organic beverage market will increase to $32.78 billion by 2027; ready-to-drink tea and coffee will reach $133.9 billion, and ready-to-drink alcohol will reach $19.46 billion. 

We may be ditching our sodas, but the beverage industry is more interesting and delicious than ever! Learn more about the rise of the mocktail in the infographic below:

The Rise of the Mocktail