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Managing An International Hiring Department: Tips to Thrive

Working for a business that has a variety of locations internationally can present some challenges. Hiring internationally can be different than hiring domestically. The laws for employment in Europe can be far different than they are in the US. Managing any international department can be extremely stressful for any professional. Thriving in this role could lead to huge professional advances as hiring a great staff can lead to further expansion. The following are things that can help you thrive when managing an international hiring department. 

Hiring Software Is Imperative 

Hiring software can make the hiring process so much easier. The software you use can differ but the ability to use AI to identify resumes that fit the position the best. Sifting through hundreds of resumes can be time-consuming and does not mean that the best applicants will be interviewed. Allow the software to play a major role in the hiring process as it was created to drive up the quality of the average hire. A set hiring process will always be important so applicants can be directly compared to one another. The automation of setting up interviews or sending rejections can also be done with hiring software. 

Training Processes In Multiple Languages

Employee handbooks are an important part of training as it can outline expectations for a certain role. Employee handbook translation can help avoid any issues created by language barriers. Training should also be translated into the major languages used in a specific country. The training can be updated regularly but having it in different languages is imperative. Take the time to see if anyone speaks a language fluently so they can create the training or have a professional translate.  

Getting Native Speakers To Handle The Interview Process

The interview process can be very complicated when it comes to hiring internationally. Getting a person that is native in the language to handle the interview then translate it is an option. Attitudes on work differ around the world so the input of a native speaker with cultural knowledge can be invaluable. A staffing agency that is located in the country can be very helpful. These professionals fill jobs with high quality employees on a daily basis. 

Learning The Hiring Practices Of Other Countries

Hiring practices in other countries can include contracts that promise notice when leaving a job. Some countries have a far more formal job offer process than others. You want to make sure you understand the hiring practices like that of discussing compensation. The last thing you want is to build a bad reputation in another country for hiring practices that don’t align with the culture. Management styles in other countries can also impact who is hired. There are some places where managers are far more harsh than in the US and some where they are less harsh. 

International expansion can be exciting to be an integral part of. A successful hiring approach can lead to a business thrive in its new location. Don’t discount the importance of hiring as employees are a company’s most valuable asset.