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How to Improve Your Local Landing Page

 If you were like many small businesses that rely on in-person locations, during the start of the pandemic, you had to adapt quickly to keep your doors open. Now that many regions are experiencing a surge in the pandemic thanks to the Delta variant of COVID, what you might have thought would’ve worked again for in-person traffic for a moment – it still remains valid to go all in on your online presence. Let’s learn more about your local landing page.

It was all the more challenging if you had multiple locations depending on foot traffic as well. Real estate has now gone digital – your web presence is more important than ever. It is essential for small businesses to learn how to rank in Google, especially when it comes to the local map results and what is referred to as Google’s three pack. Search Engine optimization isn’t only for the marketing elite – you too can learn how to improve your company‘s stature in the Google results.  

Your local landing page has become the lifeblood of your business online. Learn how to put your best digital foot forward through a 300 page study and infographic courtesy of Wiideman. In it, you’ll see more about the anatomy of a proper local landing page, along with some tips on use of images and video.  See more in the visual deep dive below:

Anatomy of a Local Landing Page