links are not dead

Links are Not Dead: Here’s Why

If you are wondering how to maximize your link coverage with SEO, then keep reading!  We are going to let you in on how to build up a digital persona so that your brand can always be the first result on Google.  The solution: quality content. 

The content of your link plays heavily into the coverage you get on a specific page.  For example, long-form content on average sees a 77% increase in views versus its counterparts. People want to know that the link they choose will have all the relevant information for them and some things that come in the form of having more on one page. 

Many people think that in the days of social media, coverage is equivalent to shares. That is not necessarily true when it comes to link coverage.  It is better to develop linking strategies and social media strategies separately because while they are both important they are not the same. 

Competition is something that needs to be factored in when thinking about link visibility.  Sites that have a higher rank typically have about four times the amount of popular keywords and referral links than their competition. 

Finally, be there for your readers. Post questions on your website foro your readers, answer theirs from the comments.  Engage your readers in things like pictures and infographics to capture the 26% or readers that prefer those to videos.  Knowing your audience will allow you to excel rapidly. 

When it comes to link optimization just play to your strengths.  Improve in the aforementioned areas where you can, and hire someone to help you in those areas that you can’t.  The most optimizable link is just a reflection of the time and dedication put into it.  If you are truly passionate about your site then optimization will become second nature.

links are not dead