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Jobs of the Future

Judge Napolitano, the former New Jersey Supreme Court Judge, and frequent guest TV commentator likes to keep up with the trends. One of those trends Napolitano has on his radar is jobs of the future.

In the next two decades, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and computerized robots, thousands of jobs that are available now may just vanish like elevator operators and switchboard operators of the past. At the same time, countless new jobs will open up. Today we explore this in a little detail. Mind you, many of these jobs are in the distant future as in 30 years or more, while others are practically here now.

#1. Virtual Surgeons

Virtual surgery has sort of been touched on now, but in the future, there may be virtual surgery centers throughout the world where Virtual surgery doctors assist local doctors through the world in doing such surgery.

#2. Autonomous Vehicle Designers & Engineers

As self-driving vehicles and semi-trucks replace a driver operating them, there will be a huge call for both autonomous vehicle designers and engineers capable of maintaining them. There will also be plenty of remote vehicle dispatchers, particularly for trucking companies.

#3. Blockchain Talent Analysts

In the future, Judge Napolitano believes that employers will primarily do their hiring based on a set of preferred criteria, which is no different than today.

However, what will be different is that these employers will use blockchain talent analysts to screen hundreds of preferred employee traits from the pool of available job candidates.

#4. Cyborg Psychologists

There is no question that in the future, people will have prosthetic limbs, artificial eyes to fix blindness, and artificial hearts, liver and other organs.

However, just because the technology is there doesn’t mean people will necessarily come to terms easily with their cyborg parts. Here is where cyborg psychologists will step in and make the transition easier.

#5. De-Extinction Geneticists

In the future, society may decide that many species that became extinct were essential parts of the environment. De-extinction geneticists will help bring back previous extinct species of both plants and animals to balance out the environment and provide new sources of food. They may even create designer pets.

#6. Drone Airspace Regulator

There may not be flying cars in the future until long after autonomous automobiles are mastered, but you can bet there will be a huge network of delivery drones.

Road rules for the sky will be necessary to keep all those drones from crashing into one another or causing havoc in residential areas.

#7. Media Mixer

As technology advances, there are untold media that can be created by mixing the old and the new. Imagine renting Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia and having hundreds of digital characters to play Humphrey Bogart or Peter O’Toole?

Imagine your favorite group, perhaps the Beatles or the Rolling stones, but adding Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Frank Sinatra to the mix. There is a brave new world coming in the future, and perhaps sooner than you think.