How You Should Handle Your Digital Marketing for a Home Improvement Business

Digital marketing is going to be a huge part of attracting customers for a local business. Locals are going to flock to the search engines to find a business that can help them with their current project. Ranking at the top of the search engines for relevant terms can create leads daily. Most people using a search engine are not even going to scroll passed the first few results. Taking a proactive approach to digital marketing can help in a myriad of ways. A competitor that is not investing in digital marketing will just have to invest that much more from being behind in terms of marketing. Trial and error will be a part of this process unless you decide to outsource marketing to a digital marketing agency. The following are tips to handle your digital marketing for your home improvement business.

Monitor Online Reviews

The first thing that most people do is check the reviews on a business they haven’t used before. Angie’s List is a huge resource for home improvement professionals and Google Reviews matter as well. Asking customers to write reviews isn’t unethical as long as you don’t promise them something in return. Customers that are unhappy will not need any encouragement to post as a number of people voice their complaints online.

Create Useful Blog Content

The creation of useful content on the company blog can allow related sites to link back to the resource. Potential customers that use a guide or estimate calculator could soon turn into customers. Most people do not know the intricacies or potential that bathtub refinishing can provide a bathroom. Giving answers to questions that are commonly asked in a piece of content can also be extremely useful. Content should also be created for link building purposes as search engine rankings are important which is mentioned above.

Social Media

Social media marketing can help immensely and ads on social media can target a local area. Customer complaints can come via social media so make sure to deal with these delicately. Retaining a customer after explaining a situation or fixing a problem can be a huge bonus of staying in tune with social media accounts.

Your Website Should Be Flawless

Most people are not going to demand a perfect website when it comes to their home improvement contractor. Putting examples of completed projects is important but avoid doing this on the homepage. Loading speeds of pages impact SEO so you do not want this page to slowly load. The website should drive leads so contact information needs to be easily found at the top of the page. The last thing that a roofer wants is their website to malfunction during rainy season where people identify leaks.

As you can see there are a number of areas of digital marketing that need to be handled. Enlisting the help of freelancers or a marketing company is commonly done to reduce workload on in-house staff. Regardless of which option you pick it is essential to invest in digital marketing.