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How To Stay Safe During The Pandemic

The best way to be safeguarded from the virus is by isolating oneself. When a person is completely socially distant from someone, they can be certain that they will not contract the virus. Benjamin Harow, a doctor, has said if individuals live with elders, they should not go outside unless it’s an emergency. There are many other ways to stay safe as well. When people use their masks, it helps prevent getting this highly contagious virus. As more and more people get sick, it’s important that the only way to truly protect oneself is by isolation. Unfortunately, it is clear that people don’t wear masks because it makes them uncomfortable to do so. Yet, so many Americans can help halt the spread of this illness if they cover up. The material used to create masks is very protective and can ensure that the bacteria won’t spread around. Before this virus even occurred, people all over the world wore masks to help avoid breathing in polluted air and as a form of protection. It takes effort on everyone’s part to have a successful and positive outcome. 

Since the virus is airborne, it can quickly spread. People standing in line at the grocery store can easily contract the virus from a register attendee. It is devastating to see how many people lost their lives this year. With the number of deaths ranging between six hundred to one thousand people a day, people need to start being more cautious of their environments. Instead of going to a restaurant, eat outside or take out. That way the businesses are still being supported by distance. Also, if people want to venture out, going to a park where social distancing can be practiced is a great way to get exercise and be more active. Walking in malls, shopping centers, and plazas is not ideal especially if someone is older and has more fear of exposure. 

Of course, doctors also recommend taking vitamins and supplements that can help safeguard the immune system. Drinking plenty of water and warm liquids are good for cleaning toxins out of the body. Lastly, Benjamin Harow, says that people have to be more aware of the damage this virus can do. The side effects are very traumatic and many people even lose their hair. In addition, people could have permanent back pain and many other symptoms that could be detrimental to their health. By avoiding contact with people and testing regularly, one can remain safe. Furthermore, quarantining oneself is very good. By doing this, a person has less exposure to the outside and has a lesser chance of getting sick. It doesn’t matter how big a person’s family is, isolation is the only form of 100% protection. If a person is going in and out of work every day, it can bring in germs and bacteria. Especially if people live with elderly people like grandmas or grandfathers. Staying inside is the only guaranteed way a person cannot spread nor receive the virus which is why doctors recommend it.