How to Speed Up Your Restaurant Ordering Process

The restaurant food industry has seen a number of changes in recent years as restaurant technology advances have been introduced to many regions throughout the world. There are now several different ways restaurant managers can speed up their restaurant ordering process so they can deliver better customer service and increase their restaurant sales quickly. Here are six steps you can take to speed up your restaurant order taking process:

1. See Your Entire Menu at Once

Having access to all of your restaurant menus in one easy-to-use display will save time by preventing employees from having to flip through physical menus when trying to find items on its list. 

2. Order Food in Advance

You’ll never miss an order if your restaurant software allows you to quickly and easily add menu items in advance. This way, restaurant owners can store food that customers order frequently for faster service.

3. Log Food Waste

You’ll save money by being able to monitor your restaurant’s stock of ingredients with restaurant software. Keeping an eye on the expiration dates of any restaurant supplies will help avoid spoiled ingredients from entering rotation.

4. Customize Menus for Departments

A restaurant management solution helps restaurant managers create separate departmental menus so employees can do work more efficiently. For example, if your restaurant is divided up into a soup kitchen, salad bar, grill station etc., then you should have a system where each of these areas create their own unique menu list based on what they normally serve.

5. Save Your Own Recipes

The restaurant software that you use should allow you to enter your own restaurant recipes so employees can submit orders quickly and accurately. This is especially helpful if you have frequently ordered dishes that are normally served with specific ingredients, like garlic butter sauce or spicy orange ginger sauce. You can also save commonly used restaurant tips on how to prepare certain menu items more efficiently.

4. Reduce Missed Orders

If your restaurant uses a traditional pen and paper order taking system, then it will be difficult for servers to see all the orders they need to get in one glance. For this reason, restaurant owners may miss an important food or drink order on its list of handwritten orders scattered throughout the restaurant kitchen countertop. These missed orders will result in more time and effort for restaurant employees to respond. With restaurant software, restaurant owners can allow servers to see all restaurant orders at once on a restaurant tablet pc or other restaurant-friendly device such as a restaurant point of sale system.

5. Write Food Orders Faster

If you’re using a traditional pen and paper order taking system, then it’s highly probable that some of your employees need help writing food orders because they lack the speed and efficiency necessary to take restaurant orders quickly. This is where restaurant software shines: It will produce an enhanced workforce giving you the opportunity to hire only those who excel at entering food and drink menus with speed and accuracy. A faster way of ordering can lead some restaurants to increase their service capacity by hiring more waiters, waitresses and restaurant bar tenders. In turn, restaurant owners can provide better restaurant service to their customers, leading to an increase in restaurant sales even during less busy restaurant hours.

6. Reduce Food Costs

You’ll have a realistic restaurant-with view of your inventory when you implement restaurant software into your business. Keeping track of food supplies will help managers decide what ingredients should be used in the restaurant kitchen where possible and ensure that these ingredients don’t go bad before they enter rotation. By tracking all of this information in one place, restaurant software helps reduce restaurant food waste and keeps costs down for specific foods or spices that are frequently ordered.

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