How To Restore Your Faded Memories?

How To Restore Your Faded Memories?

That’s pretty common if you think it is impossible to restore your old, faded pictures kept untouched in your homes for decades and put them to their actual condition. Notwithstanding, old memories must not fade and have to hold back with each photo’s color and clarity.

To retain your faded memories here’s good news for you! There is an excellent technique to restore old, faded pictures yourself or with photo restoration services. In this article, you’ll know why your photos fade and what you can do to restore them. 

If you value how a professional touch assists in restoring your faded and old pictures, then there are many restoration services such as Flat World photo editing services.

All The Reasons Why Your Photographs Fade:

  • Air Exposure

Oftentimes, photographs put to air exposure are at risk of getting degraded by chemicals, dust, or microparticles in our surroundings. 

  • Light Damage

It might be possible that your photos may fade away over time if exposed to UV rays and harsh sunlight. It’s a fact that when your old photo’s pigments come in contact with sunlight, it disrupts the molecules in the plastic substance. 

  • Water Damage

It will cause the colors in your old pictures to drool and even stain other image sections. To retain your photos, you must act fast and prioritize to hold back your damaged photographs.

  • Fungus & Mold

Lastly, it’s a pretty natural reason why your old photos fade. Most people don’t accept that they’re hosting fungus in their houses where they are keeping their old photos. 

On the contrary, these things actually happen. In actuality, mold can spread as speedily as possible (in just 24 hours). So, if your house doesn’t undergo routine inspections or is often revealed to the sun, mold can harm your memories faster than you’d assume!

Restoring Faded Colors of your faded Photos in Photoshop

Many photo restoration tools are available online to adjust and fix your old faded photos, such as Flat World editing service and many more. So, you can simply restore the colors in your photos by following these steps: 

First, open up the photoshop software; here, you can work with two layers to follow your progress. You can toggle within these two layers as you execute each step. You can even make more than one layer to edit a particular section on your picture if requisite.

Next, you can now use the auto color option, shifting between the hue and saturation slider to execute adjustments in your photos. 

Further, you can use the levels orientation layer to edit the black point of the photograph by tapping on the eyedropper tool. Click on any domain on the orientation layer photograph that must be absolute black – the tool helps you base your black point on this selection. Fix the slider as per the tones you require to include in your photo. 

Finally, you can use other features, including highlights, shadows, and other options, to adjust your old faded photo. Try and experiment with all the available techniques until your photograph seems the way you desire it.


In conclusion, if you strive to restore your damaged pictures caused due to air, sun, or any other reason, it doesn’t seem to be an issue. There are possibilities to regain color, tones, shades, and much more of your photographs. Even if you are struggling and are finding it challenging to do so, you can hire professional photo restoration services. They will surely deliver in the best possible way!