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How to Refresh Your Brand

How to Refresh Your Brand

Entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi believes that refreshing a brand helps one improve their brand awareness, attract new customers, retain loyal customers, and remain relevant to current market trends. However, it is vital to refresh one’s brand and remain relevant by reassuring customers that they know what they are doing and avoid upsetting loyal clients. Here are ways to do a successful brand refresh that everyone will embrace.

Modern logo change

If the business logo is not in line with the modern logo trends, it is time to change the logo. Modern logos are not packed with colors and lots of graphic content. Rather they are designed with one or two colors with a simple visual representation. Such a simple logo can incorporate the brand name and will be a charm to attract people to your business.

New color

Adding a splash of new colors can work magic to trigger new interests in the brand. Modern color trends embrace bright colors with so much pop, for example, bright blue, lime green, or magnetta. Adding color can be used for a certain campaign or a certain trend. It does not necessarily require one to make alterations to the logo. Adding a new color to the existing one or completely adding a new color will help a brand refresh its outlook.

New online visuals

With the current world of technology, refreshing a brand online can work magic. It is important to review the existing online images on social media platforms and the website to keep them up to date with the current market. According to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi, investing in high-quality photography and videos can help a brand look dated and excite the new generation of customers.

New brand messaging

Brand messaging is the statements that display what value the business brings to the market and what it stands for. Djerassi comments that reviewing the brand’s tagline and value statements can be important in updating its image to the public.

New brand promotion tactics

Digital trends control the world we are currently living in. If a company does not use technological ways of promoting its brand, it is time to do so. Having a strong social media presence is an excellent way to refresh a brand’s image. One can achieve this online presence by building strong social media accounts, video, and email marketing. Hiring creative people to develop attractive digital media promotion ideas is a requirement for a brand looking to refresh its presence.

Secondary mark

A secondary mark represents the logo that can fit in different digital locations. Brands struggle with fitting their logo into their social media profiles, app, or website icons. Instead of cropping the logo, a streamlined second logo known as a secondary mark will serve the purpose efficiently. This mark will assure the audience that the brand has a strong digital presence, understands modern digital tools, and uses them appropriately.

One can establish a fresh look for their loyal and potential customers by utilizing the above ways of refreshing their brand. Changing the entire outlook is unnecessary; small changes can also work miracles for a brand. This refresh will keep the brand updated and assure the audience that one is conscious of the modern trends.