How to Prevent Writer’s Block

Many of the greats have encountered that terrible monster who comes in and cuts like a knife and steals that very creative thought that was going to be the next magnificent masterpiece. Well, what monster? Writer’s block, of course, is that monster. Some think like Alexander Djerassi who says that it is hard sometimes to consistently come up with new ideas to write about. While that may be true at times and Djerassi does make a big point. However, one may try some of the following tips listed below to help keep ideas and new thoughts flowing. These are ways to help prevent the potential for writer’s block.

1. Getting to moving, yes, sometimes it takes getting up and perhaps splashing some cold water on ones’ face and going for a walk can do the job. Better, yet, to take a hike on a nature trail. Sometimes, just being in pure nature will open up a creative flow that will get the wheels turning again,

2. Sometimes a restart is great, and what is meant by this is simply, get to writing on something else and leave the subject that has been blocked. Moving the attention elsewhere can at times give a recharge to the creative process once returning to the main subject.

3. Muttering and meditating and talking out loud to oneself are all ways to get over that hump sometimes. These little tips can actually work. But, better yet talk to a friend. No, do not pick up the phone to call, or text, nor zoom or skype but imagine a friend sitting there, and take a time out to talk out loud to the friend telling them what the goal is and why it is hard to move on as this may help to breakthrough and get the juices flowing again to get rid of that block of ice. Many have found this to be very effective in getting a chance to move on and get great stuff written down to actually use.

4. Take a nap. Yes, sleep can do wonders for many. Sometimes old writers block monsters as they are, and they will go away with just a little shut eye. Once those eyes are open, usually there is much to write about. Being well rested is a must.

5. Be nice. Alexander Djerassi notes that the old saying be good to one’s self is a must when suffering from writer’s block. Some people begin to doubt themselves or think negative thoughts about the whole process but if one wants to unblock that moment, positive thoughts and being kind to oneself is a must. The power of positive thinking can unlock much and get creative juices flowing so great and so fast that one will forget that the writer block even occurred.

6. Rehearse past victories. If one is a writer, then one should have some successes to look back on and simply recall some of the fun and excitement of having those first successes. This should definitely unblock the block.