How to Prevent Getting a Cold

With the weather getting colder, that means people want to avoid getting sick, and the main sickness that we all worry about is the common cold. The common cold first and foremost is a virus, and that means it must be transmitted by an already infected host, but people can boost their immune system so that they are less susceptible to infection.

Cory Harow works as a medical director for West Boca Medical Center in their emergency room, and he has said, “There’s a lot of overlap and it can be hard to know the difference(Between cold and flu) even by medical providers.”.

With that said, it is still recommended that if someone is showing symptoms to go to the doctor and get treated. This article will go over some main ways to avoid getting the common cold in the first place.

Avoid People Who Are Already Sick

This tip is quite obvious, but shouldn’t be ignored, so if an individual sees someone who has a runny nose, is sneezing a lot, or has a nasty cough, then they should probably steer clear. Doing this will make it much harder for them to become infected by the common cold, but there is still always a chance for them to get sick.

Eat Very Healthy

This tip takes a lot more time but will help someone just as much if not more than the first tip, and this is because eating healthy will vastly boost their immune system. Boosting one’s immune system will offer a lot of good benefits, and it really isn’t that hard to do once they get the ball rolling. It’s recommended that people look into some nutritional blogs, and other nutritional information, so that they can build a healthy and sustainable diet.

Start Exercising

This tip follows the same vein as the second tip, and that is to try and boost people’s immune systems. This is achieved by their body growing in strength as well as their immune system following suit. To do this all they will have to do is look up some good beginner exercises, and keep some kind of routine in doing them. Stick to this for a little while and they will see all the benefits, both immune system based and body strength based.

Wash Hands Often

This is another tip that seems to be obvious, but it still bears mentioning due to people ignoring it far too often. People washing their hands and not touching their face will help to limit the spread of germs to them and others. Touching their face will after being in contact with the infected could cause them to become infected, and not washing their hands will help to spread it to a lot of surfaces.

In Conclusion
If people listen to doctors such as Cory Harow, then they will find themselves not getting the common cold this next cold and flu season.