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How to Hire the Right Candidate

How to Hire the Right Candidate

How can companies hire suitable candidates? This is a question that many HR professionals and managers struggle with. It’s challenging to find someone who has all of the necessary skills, experience, and personality traits for their company. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated! In this article, Jonathan Osler explores how to hire the right person for a particular job.

Managers need to know what they need!

Before managers start looking for new employees, it’s essential to know what their companies need. They should write down the description of the ideal candidates and make sure that all candidates meet this standard. They can learn about their skills by asking them several questions or setting up tasks where they will have to prove themselves!

Work on culture fit!

Next to skills, it’s also crucial that the candidates fit into the company’s culture. Jonathan Osler emphasizes the importance of a good fit between employee and employer: “Culture is often an essential part of what makes a business successful.” It’s better to hire someone who is an excellent cultural fit than to hire the best person for the job. When creating their job advertisements, managers don’t just list all qualifications but also talk about this aspect!

They can find out about culture fit by asking candidates questions such as, do they feel like some things in their lives don’t want to share with their co-workers? or do they feel comfortable working in a team environment?”.

Don’t hire based on experience!

It’s better to hire someone who has the right attitude and skills than hire someone who is more experienced. Managers will be able to teach them everything they need. If possible, HR professionals should hire fresh graduates and teach them everything they need to know.

Have an open interview process!

Many companies use interviews as a way of choosing their candidates. It’s better to have several types of interviews: one with their HR teams, another one with members from different departments (if possible), and even an anonymous feedback session. That way, they can better understand how people work in different situations and who they are.

Be consistent!

Don’t hire anyone without extensive background checks, so managers need to be consistent with their hiring process. If they change it when one candidate seems promising, everyone will know that this isn’t serious. It’s also vital for managers to be consistent with their decisions to hire candidates. If they don’t end up hiring them, they need always to have reasons for it so they will not feel humiliated or offended.

Be clear about the tasks!

HR professionals need to be very clear about what they expect from their employees and contribute to their companies. This will help them understand why they must do certain things, especially if something goes wrong or changes in their job role! They can avoid this by setting clear goals with their employees.


As it can be seen, it’s vital to have a clear idea of what kind of candidate HR professionals are looking for and how they will contribute to their companies. The HR professionals should make sure that there is a culture fit and a good attitude and skills! Finally, as always, they need to be consistent, so everyone knows their hiring process!