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How to Build Better Connections with your Employees 

Between remote work, economic shifts, and constant changes in the world, employees are growing more disconnected from their colleagues and their management team. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, only 15 percent of employees are engaged in the workplace. That’s why it’s so vital to create a positive environment where everyone can feel supported, valuable, and eager to engage with each other. Here are three ways to build better connections between your staff members, and with them as a leader!

Reduce turnover by hiring the right employees the first time. 

Nothing kills camaraderie in a workplace faster than high employee turnover. It’s difficult to develop valuable personal relationships when team members keep changing. Some turnover is necessary for an organization to be successful, of course, but excessive turnover can disrupt the workplace and cause employee morale to plummet. It also takes away from the team’s productivity and makes it difficult for them to build trust and loyalty among each other. 

When it comes to hiring for specific industries, making the right hire the first time around is even more vital. One way to do so is to work with recruitment or staffing agencies for those crucial open positions. For, example, On Time Talent Solutions uses 20+ years of healthcare staffing experience to secure the best candidates for clinical and non-clinical roles. With an emphasis on assisted living communities and primary care practices, On Time offers multiple locations across the United States to assists with talent acquisition.

Have resources at the ready you’re short staffed. 

Inadequate staffing is a principal contributor to job-related stress. Employees in understaffed organizations lack a sense of control over their rapidly increasing workload, and the hectic environment can lead to poor work performance, employee burnout, and disconnection from both their coworkers and their management. Plus. when a place like a restaurant is understaffed, employees chafe against expectations to be on call, losing the flexibility they likely sought out when working in the industry in the first place. 

Understaffing can be deadly if it is not addressed immediately. But, despite current perceptions in the hospitality industry, here are plenty of experienced, highly qualified servers who are looking for short-term opportunities, and a service like Qwick can connect you with qualified professionals in real-time. Employers upload their open shift and specify when and where to report; posting shifts takes seconds, and they get filled within hours with pre-vetted candidates. 

Incorporate virtual team building into your company. 

Virtual meetings happen all day, every day, but are they killing your company culture? As technologically advanced as we are, human interaction is still a vital part of a connected workforce. The average virtual platform can create a sense of isolation among team members, and that can lead to a drop in productivity and lowered morale, which is why virtual team building is essential for any business. Virtual team building opportunities promote teamwork, along with trust, respect, and connection, and the right virtual platform will encourage all these benefits. 

Preciate’s virtual meeting platform was specifically designed foster better work connections, break past Zoom fatigue, and build stronger teams. Designed for the hybrid workplace, their Social Presence platform promotes authentic connections by enabling people to naturally move through virtual spaces, featuring realistic interactions, mingling, and movement.  

According to Gallup’s meta-analysis, businesses with the highest employee engagement scores showed 21 percent higher levels of profitability. Building strong connections is crucial to creating a profitable and positive working environment, and leaders must invest time and energy into developing them. Incorporate one, or all these ideas into your management style to make some real changes in your workforce!