How Quality Flooring Can Motivate Your Employees

The workplace is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing. The décor has a profound effect on how members of staff act and feel during their time behind a desk or on the shop floor. There are plenty of ways to motivate workers, one of the most effective being to renovate the office and turn it into a more comfortable, functional setting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Plenty of studies have been done to suggest that a more visually appealing workplace helps to inspire your organisation. In contrast, a poorly designed or neglected décor can demotivate workers and have a negative effect on productivity. Flooring covers a huge portion of a building, so making a change and fitting something new can have a positive impact on staff members.

Any leading flooring contractor will tell you that new floors will transform the look of your company, creating encouraging first impressions for staff and client alike. Products such as vinyl flooring can make your business look and feel more elegant. They come in a wide range of styles, designs and colours, making it easy to choose once that suits your current décor.

Acoustic Benefits

One of the biggest distractions in an office environment is the floor. Excessive background noise can be one of the main reasons why employees lose their focus and disengage from their tasks. They get distracted by different noises and lose concentration. Furthermore, relentless background noise does not just distract workers, it also increases their stress levels. It begins to irritate them when they cannot apply themselves in peace without having to listen to annoying background noises.

Products like vinyl flooring and carpet can decrease noise pollution in the workplace. They act as shock absorbers and stop sound from travelling. Hard flooring is never a good choice for an office environment, it is sometimes up to 50% louder than any other materials on the market. The right type of flooring can show a marked improvement in productivity due to better acoustics.

More Comfortable Workplace Setting

A more comfortable workplace can often inspire and motivate unproductive employees. Some staff members are not lazy, they just lack inspiration. They have been working in the same setting for many years and their motivation levels have dropped because of their surroundings. If you focus on renovating the workplace, making it more comfortable and functional for your staff, you will see a huge improvement in the way they approach everyday tasks.

There are 2 types of flooring that can make a building more comfortable and reduce noise pollution.

  • Thermal Flooring – This can regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.
  • Underfoot Flooring – This type of material provides more cushion and reduces aches and pains.

The right type of flooring material can have a positive impact on your business. When your staff are happier in their surroundings, it will show in the way they work. You will see a dramatic improvement in productivity levels which only leads to an increase in revenue. Employees who feel valued also take fewer sick days, which helps to reduce costs and better your business.