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How Managers Can Delegate Tasks

How Business Managers Can Delegate Their Tasks

Business managers must delegate their tasks to maintain a successful operation. According to educator Jonathan Osler, three key steps should be followed when delegating: identifying the task, selecting the right person, and setting clear expectations. Here below, we will discuss each of these steps in more detail.

Identifying the Task

As the first step of delegating work to others, business managers must identify the task that needs to be done. Whether instructing a team member to complete a project or assigning someone to oversee different aspects of the daily operation, business managers should take care not to over-delegate the responsibility to one person.

Selection of the Right Person

Once a specific task has been identified, business managers should select the right person for the job. For instance, a team member with a higher competence might be assigned a more complicated project, while someone less experienced on that kind of project might be assigned to complete an easier task.

Setting Clear Expectations

Once the task has been identified and the right person selected, business managers should ensure that all the requirements are clearly explained. It is recommended for communication between business managers and assigned employees to be regular to avoid any confusion.

When delegating work, business managers should clarify what is expected from their team members. For instance, they should explain the project methodology if it is different from their usual practice and provide all necessary resources such as tools or any information that could be helpful to complete the task.

Business managers should also consider how much involvement they want when delegating tasks to others. Sometimes business managers should work closely with their team members and guide the process. At the same time, business managers should allow employees to figure things out for themselves.

After delegating work, business managers should follow up with their assigned employees and provide any additional information or guidance that might be helpful.

Business managers must delegate tasks to maintain a successful operation.

Even when business managers think that they have delegated a project to someone else, there still might be certain aspects of the task that need their attention to complete the assignment successfully. The only way to ensure that this won’t happen is by setting clear expectations and frequently communicating with employees.

Business managers play a pivotal role in the success of an organization, so delegating tasks to their team members not only allows them to focus on more specific aspects but also helps achieve better results overall. According to educator Jonathan Osler’s three steps, business managers can successfully delegate their tasks and run a more effective organization.

By following these three steps, business managers can ensure that their projects are completed in the required amount of time while minimizing any confusion.

Jonathan Osler is a professor and head of the business and information technology department and holds a P.H.D in managerial decision-making. He is an expert on business management and digital literacy, with many publications to his name, both nationally and internationally.

His expertise in administrative management entails time management, budgeting, hiring practices and performance evaluation.