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Have Solid Backup for Your Network Before it’s too Late

Building a solid backup solution is not something that everyone thinks about, but it should be considered if one wants to ensure their network security.

As technology advances for companies at astounding speeds, more and more employees are using the Internet to store data. This generates an increased risk of cyber-attacks on businesses – according to recent studies, there were approximately 232 cyber-attacks on small to mid-sized businesses last year.

Without solid backup, your network can be left vulnerable and you could suffer significant financial losses as a result.

There are many reasons why having solid backup for your network is important including:

Faster data recovery time

If you ever need to recover any of the information that was stored on your network, solid backup can save you time. This is because solid backup will store all of your files in an online location that you can access at any given time. It also allows employees to work offline or whenever they want, which means that if anything happens to the original information on the network it’s quickly restored. Longer data retention periods.

Continuing with the previous point, solid backup also enables you to store your company’s information for longer periods of time. This means that if any data is lost or deleted from your network, solid backup can be used to restore it back into its original file.

Protects against malware and ransomware

Due to the fact that solid backup saves all of your data in an online location, this means that your files are more protected from malicious software such as viruses and ransomware.

Reduces downtime whenever network is down

While it may be more convenient to have some of the company’s information stored on the local hard drive of a computer, solid backup ensures that you won’t lose any work if there is an issue with the network. This means that you can continue operating even if there is a power outage or any other type of network disruption.

Working with an IT provider, solid backup services can be implemented in your business within no time at all. Having solid backup for your network not only ensures that nothing will ever be lost but it also saves you time and money over the long run. In order to learn more about solid backup, please don’t hesitate to contact ThrottleNet today.