future of school

The Future of School

America’s future schools need to be better equipped to foster student success. This sentiment is shared among the majority of Americans, with 60% agreeing with the statement, traditional schools systems are failing today’s students. Let’s learn about the future of school below.

Over 168 million children, internationally, lack access to in-person education. Since our global migration to virtual learning with the Coronavirus pandemic, 57% of students are optimistic about maintaining virtual learning post-pandemic, and only 19% of teenagers prefer in-person learning.

Now more than ever, online colleges and schools are needed. Before, the option to learn remotely was guided by motivators such as busy schedules, the ability to spend more time with family, and bullying, but now, as many kids find more motivation in virtual than in-person schooling, online education may become a more universal choice.

While students cite many advantages to virtual learning, four perks dominate as pulls. First, 71% of students appreciate the flexibility afforded by online education. Second, memory improves as students hold on to 25% to 60% more information than from in-person classes. Third, students enrolled in online school achieve more than in-person students, showing improved performance. Lastly, online learning proves to be more time-efficient, saving students 40% to 60% of time spent on in-person classes.

With new technologies and tools for virtual learning, the horizon for American academics is bright with professionally designed online learning. Learn more about the future of school in the infographic below:

What Does the Future of School Look Like?