future of eyewear

The Shining Future of Eyewear

Within the next 7 years, the global eyewear market is expected to reach $172 billion.  This market includes prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and special purpose eyewear alike.  Growth in market size is being driven by customers purchasing eyeglasses more frequently, buying multiple pairs a year instead of one every few years.  Changing conditions have also encouraged people to purchase specialized lenses.  For example, the rise in computer vision syndrome caused by working from home has led consumers to demand blue light-filtering glasses. Let’s learn more about the future of eyewear below.

The more innovations brought to market in the eyewear industry, the better the industry can serve customer needs.  Many eyewear providers are hard at work creating eyewear to address medical needs like migraines or light sensitivity.  Different lens coatings can protect the wearer from UV rays, scratches on the lenses, foggy lenses, and reflections on the lenses, respectively.  Within the next few years, smart glasses may become as common as smartphones. 

The current hot trend in the eyewear market, however, is replacement lenses.  Instead of buying a whole new pair of glasses, customers save money and preserve their style by only replacing the lenses within the frames.  These lenses can be delivered by mail and installed oneself.

Learn more about the future of eyewear in the infographic below:

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright