Football: The Sport of the Working Class

The game of football has never really appealed to the wealthy and upper middle class, who prefer the fierce contact of rugby and the gentle motion of cricket, but for working class boys, football is the game of kings. At first glance, it might seem like a bunch of kids kicking a ball around, yet with defence, midfield and the forwards, there is strategy used to engineer scoring a goal.

The School Playground

For most of the Premier League stars of today, their introduction to football began in the school playground, or on a patch of grass inside the housing estate, where the kids split themselves into teams and played for an imaginary cup. From the age of 5, most boys and girls regularly kick a ball, many joining up with clubs like Smile Football Club, which trains youngsters in the art of playing football.

Talented Youngsters

As you would expect, a skilled young player gets noticed and many of the big clubs run academies, which actually saves them a lot in player fees, as rearing your own youngsters is preferable to buying good players. The Premier League clubs are on a different level, indeed, for every budding soccer player, the Premier League is the Holy Grail, where first team players earn six figures a week and all drive Ferraris and there are many more young players that are learning the ropes of professional football. If you would like your child to develop in every way, send them to an international school, where football is played.

Talent Vs Hard Work

Some players are totally gifted and they have a special command over the ball, with the ability to make it do some uncanny things, while others work hard at becoming good enough for the big time. By the time a boy, or girl, reaches the age of 12, they would already be playing in the regional team and would have a natural position that they like to play.

Playing Positions

Like most ball games, you have a defence, which protects the goal and the goalkeeper, a midfield group of 2-3 players, who receive the ball from the defence (4 players at the back) and they push the ball through to the strikers who are tasked with putting the ball in the goal. There are 11 players in a team; the goalkeeper, left, right and central defender, 3 midfield players and 4 front players. Some players are equally comfortable playing at the front or back, which is very useful when players get injured.

Inclusive Sport

Football appeals to both sexes and all races, indeed, this magical game transcends language and culture, as the sport is played all over the world and watched by millions. If your son or daughter shows an interest in playing football, a Google search will help you locate a local club and with your support, they will develop to their fullest potential. Click here for sports information from the Thai government.

There’s a lot to be learned playing football. It teaches you teamwork and making sacrifices, working together to score goals without conceding any and good players have the chance to win trophies and be a part of history.