Can Africa Capitalize On Cheap Solar Energy?

Facts Behind Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is often found from sources that are natural and that cannot get replenished. Some examples of these energy sources include water, which generates hydro-power, solar, wind, and biomass which includes all the landfill gas, wood waste, ethanol, solid waste and biodiesel. Most of these sources of renewable energy are often derived from the sun; well, except for the hydro-power which is from water. Renewable energy brings about so much change in the world, and has resulted in creation of better forms of energy that are safe for use. There are several other facts about renewable energy that are important to learn about, and that is why Diego Ruiz Duran feels it is important to learn some of the important facts concerning renewable energy in general.

Top facts about renewable energy

1. Renewable energy has the ability to create so many jobs

According to a study that was conducted by the United States Energy Department, renewable energy has been able to create up to five times more jobs in comparison to other fossil fuels. Actually, the number of jobs that have been offered by clean energy jobs have been able to outnumber those that are offered by fossil fuels, by a ratio of more than 2.5 to 1. In making a comparison between renewable clean energy to those of gas and coal, the renewable energy has been able to create up to 5 jobs in every 1 job that has been offered by the industries dealing with fossil fuels.

2.Renewable energy is able to power several households

Wind Turbines, which is a form of renewable energy, is able to power several homes. This is mostly because wind energy is not something that is often reserved for generating electricity on a national scale, but also to small local communities. As a matter of fact, a single wind turbine with an energy of 2.5MW is well able to generate sufficient electricity power that can be used for over 1400 households yearly. This is why Diego Ruiz Duran feels it is very important and crucial to learn this particular important fact about renewable energy, to help local communities get electricity.

3.Several corporations are resorting to using the renewable energy

Over time, there are several corporations that have joined the bandwagon of using the Green Energy power supply. This is first and foremost because of how affordable the different forms of renewable energy often are. Actually, many reports have shown that the cost-effectiveness and the safety that comes with renewable energy is one of the very things that have compelled more people to use it.

Because of this, several tech companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple have so far managed to build a green internet. Most of the consumers of the aforementioned corporations are happy with its consumption as a matter of fact. Because of this, most of these companies have been awarded with the best grade A; in the index of clean energy. This therefore played a major role in ensuring that the renewable energy market also got to increase by a greater margin.