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Exploring Outdoors: Vacation Doesn’t Have to Stress the Budget

The US population is one of the most stressed out populations in the world when it comes to the amount of work we do, how it makes us feel, and the lack of time we take to destress. Not only do most companies only offer 10 days off per year (compared to an average of 30 days in Finland), but more than half of Americans don’t even take that little bit of vacation time allotted to them. Perhaps it is time to be exploring outdoors.

Speaking of exploring, many are deciding to go the AirBnb route. They will need to think through how to get higher on AirBnb rankings.

In other words, while Finland is the happiest country for 4 years running, the US is stressed and among the most depressed in the world, and much of this comes from the fact that, in an 80-year lifespan, we spend 13.2 years working and just 328 days socializing. 

One of the main reasons why Americans don’t tend to take vacations is due to the idea that a vacation has to be expensive. However, there are certainly many opportunities for fun for the whole family without breaking the bank. 

Camping and many outdoor activities are both fantastic options for unwinding either alone or with the family, and they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact often, camping, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities can be completely free. 

It’s time to take advantage of the fun and relaxation of our natural surroundings and build new memories that will last a lifetime.  Learn more about exploring outdoors in the visual deep dive below: